Our Affordable Housing Model

Our social housing programs, in conjunction with the FHF, has considered all possibilities of an adverse deviation from our desired outcome of achieving affordable housing developments, and factored in solutions to mitigate undesired results.

The ultimate goal of our housing program, is to ensure that the beneficiaries of our developments make substantial economic profit.

As fluctuations on resources and conditions ( climate, energy, water, etc.) become less predictable, it has become relevant to create more robust residential developments. As such, our developments are geared not only to more efficient, but also more resilient buildings, capable of maintaining living comfort in spite of climatic and technical vagaries.

Outright Payment

Installment Payment
Over an 18month Period

Self Finance

Our Affordable Housing Estates offer flexible payment options to reduce the financial burden on buyers.

Purchase of housing units with in any of our estates can be made via:

  • A One-Time Outright Payment;

  • Installment Payment over an 18month period.

Ask about our Self Finance Options

Mortgage Purchase

OpenHouse’s goal is to provide its customers a direct path to home ownership! The Millennium City’s mortgage purchase options achieves this via a multi-layered approach.


Our Federal Government Agency Partners will be providing assistance to home ownership by way of guaranteeing mortgages to all interested buyers that meet the requisite criteria for accessing mortgage finance.


Each Facility will be provided by multiple mortgage providers with both running concurrently at different rates. This is to ensure a reduced monthly repayment for the obligor as both facilities would run at a reduced average rate.


Furthermore, interest rate will gradually increase over the 20-year tenure further ensuring reduced monthly repayment.

Mortgage Acquisition Structure

Hybrid Mortgage Benefits

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